Remember when Taylor Swift joked with Ellen DeGeneres about how many failed relationships she's had, and remember how it was kind of OK because she was going pretty strong with Conor Kennedy? Well forget that, forget all of that, because the once inseparable couple has now split.

Yep, after an intense summer romance that reportedly saw Taylor buy a home near the Kennedy family compound, the pair have decided to go their own separate ways. US Weekly were first to report the news, though there has been no immediate comment from Swift's representative. At least now the We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together singer has plenty of material for her next album. We're kind of sceptical about the whole thing, remember, Swift has an album to promote Red which is billed as her latest 'heartbreak record' and it's likely to debut at No.1 on the Billboard 200 next week. A little breakup story isn't going to hurt now is it? If it is true though, Kennedy will be sent to the Taylor Swift scrapheap - a remote location where Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer, Garrett Hedlund, Joe Jonas and Lucas Till huddle together and describe their terrible experiences in love. 

It all makes sense, really. Taylor has been working non-stop to promote Red in recent months, while Conor stepped out solo earlier this month at the premiere of the HBO documentary on his grandmother, Ethel.