Post Blank Space, Taylor Swift is basically the queen of the world – and out hearts. But she’s not resting. Have you read about that time Taylor took time out of her day to send an awesome care package to a distraught fan? Or the fact that she gives advice to her younger followers via her Tumblr and Twitter? Or the fact that she’s best with like every cool lady in the business? Or the fact that she can stand. Up. On. A. Freaking. HORSE?

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift is a gift from the universe and I will not be convinced otherwise.

So Tay’s latest achievement is a lip sync video with Radio 1 DJ Greg James. The pair are riding around in a car, blasting Blank Space (as it is meant to be listened to) and just being the adorable free spirits that their PR teams have decided they should be.

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Taylor is just jamming and apparently having a great time – as you do. Greg, on the other hand, seems just a tad nervous - until about the second verse that is, when he starts to properly get into it. The video is a thing of beauty, basically, and kind of the most relatable piece of media I’ve seen all week. Don’t pretend you haven’t lip synced to Blank Space yet. You know who you are and you’re not fooling anybody.

Check out the video below.