The singer may be one of the most famous names in the world, but the 25-year-old star never takes her fame for granted. In fact, losing sight of that would be a nightmare for Taylor.

"It would always seem like the decline of an artist was always attributed to a combinations of things, but I noticed the top elements were loss of self-awareness and making bad art, and usually one led to the other," she told Vogue Australia. "When you lose your self-awareness you start thinking, 'Oh, I'm untouchable, everything around me loves everything I do, I have nothing left to prove'. That kind of loss of self-awareness can be so dangerous."

Taylor is currently busy with her mammoth 1989 World Tour, in which she has been joined by dozens of famous faces to perform with her onstage at various venues. The A-list element of the tour has meant the crowds go wild, but despite yet another success for the blonde singer, Taylor doesn't always believe the hype.

"I always have to work on being easier on myself because I over-think things... like when something doesn't work out you think it's my fault, or that I shouldn't have done this or shouldn't have done that," she confessed. "Over-thinking is my greatest adversary. Some days you're exhausted and some days you're in a bad mood and that's OK.

"I've been a little bit better lately at taking it easier on myself and realising when I'm having a really low self-esteem day that's because of how I'm wired not because everybody hates me. Sometimes you have the best intentions but you make mistakes."