Review of Dream Brother Album by Various Artists

Artist - Various Artists
Album - Dream Brother - The Songs of Tim and Jeff Buckley
Label - Full Time Hobby
Album Review

Various Artists Dream Brother Album

How you feel about tribute albums is typically down to whether they contain artists you'd actually buy anyway, and possibly down to whether you care much for the musician being paid tribute. It's hard to say this, when both Tim Buckley and Jeff Buckley were such amazing musicians, but the fact that they were father and son had nothing to do with either their non-existent relationship or their musical styles. So the songs here are a hotchpotch, and, almost to a song, all badly interpreted. The highlights are Stephen Fretwell's cover of Morning Theft, and Sufjan Stevens' She Is, but they are in sparse company. Robbed of Jeff's or Tim's soaring ethereal voices, the songs fall flat. There is no cohesion whatsoever, making this an album best bought by the track on iTunes, if you have to have that one extra track by your favourite artist.

Rating 3/10

Mike Rea
Adult Contemporary Essentials