Although Will Smith has many adoring female fans, the 46-year-old actor doesn't look at himself as an attractive man, especially when he is compared to the likes of his fellow Hollywood stars, including Denzel Washington.

Will Smith
Will Smith recently discussed being considered a sex symbol

While appearing on Tuesday's episode (Feb 24th) of The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote his new film 'Focus,' Will spoke about why it "feels weird" to be considered a sex symbol and working on his fitness for his latest flick.

"It really is it's a strange thing to be considered [sexy]," he said to the host Ellen. "When I think sexy, I look at Denzel [Washington]...Now that's a sexy man! You know, I never thought of myself in that way, so it's fun."

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"I was a late bloomer," he revealed. "Probably right around 26 or 27 years old, I started to fill out a little bit...I've always been skinny...But, I grew into my ears, I guess you could say."

The 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' alumni started vigorously working out before he starred alongside the beautiful Aussi actress Margot Robbie in 'Focus,' but this may have only been due to strict instructions from his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

As Will said, "Jada looked at Margot, and said, 'Boy, you need to get to the gym right now.'"

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The 'Independence Day' actor also joked about his "skinny" 16-year-old son Jaden Smith wondering when he will become as big as his dad. "I say, 'Boy this is man meat! That's chicken breast,'" Will said while laughing. "'You're not gonna have this for a while!'"

'Focus' will be released on February 27, 2015.