Willow Smith is a "born rebel".

The 10-year-old singer's mother, Jada Pinkett Smith - who also has 12-year-old son Jaden with husband Will Smith - insists she doesn't worry about her daughter's choices because she had such a crazy childhood herself.

Jada said: "I was the girl hanging out with drug dealers, drinking, messing around. Whatever you think I did, I did worse.

"My daughter is a born rebel like me - Willow is so me it's not true. But being a rebel isn't a problem, as long as you have someone to guide you, and we are with our kids all the time.

"We see it as our mission to use that energy, to help them express who they are."

Jada feels "blessed" to look after Willow but admits she would have loved to have some of the opportunities her daughter has when she was her age.

She added: "I tell her all the time that I would like to be 10 again and to go to fashion shows, to perform, act, have all these opportunities.

"I'm blessed to be her guide. She has these opportunities, so why not take them? What is wrong with that?"