Did critics expect to find themselves unanimously enjoying a comedy starring Zac Efron and Seth Rogen? Probably not. No disrespect to the pair, but they haven't exactly been setting the box office on fire in recent years. But all this could change as Bad Neighbours has come to the UK this weekend and the critics are saying this one is worth a visit.

Zac Efron in upcoming 'Neighbours'You could do worse than Zac Efron for a neighbour

Rogen stars as one half of a couple with a newborn baby who find themselves embroiled in a turf war of sorts with the fraternity house next door. This one is as rude and crude as you might expect, but as it turns out it’s also seriously funny. The critics agree, giving it a resounding thumbs up and a 96% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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So what makes Bad Neighbours succeed where the lesser gross out comedies have failed? Well as Geoffrey Macabb writes in The Independent, “it has a wit and even an occasional tenderness that belie its near-constant crudity.” The Hollywood Reporter’s John DeFore was equally complimentary calling it “an uproarious and hugely commercial vision of intergenerational warfare.”

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As it turns out, Rogen and Efron, as unlikely a duo as they may seem, are actually a pretty perfect screen pairing. The Daily Telegraph’s Tim Robey describes them as “enjoyably yin-yang”, with “one playing a reformed slob who's paranoid that he's sold out, the other a frequently shirtless party boy who gets mean when he runs out of better ideas.”

Watch the trailer for Bad Neighbours here:

By the way, Efron is shirtless throughout Bad Neighbours which as Charlotte O’Sullivan writes in This Is London, “exploits Efron's hairless six-pack”, luckily though It also "exposes his gift for comedy.” See, he’s not just eye candy.

Ok, so Bad Neighbours probably won't challenge you intellectually or leave you with too much to ponder on the drive home, but hey, it’s a bank holiday and we all need a laugh. So really what better option do you have this weekend. After all, everybody's seen The Amazing Spider-Man 2, right?