Katie Holmes often forgets to wear jewellery.

The 'Miss Meadows' actress enjoys going through her collection because each piece triggers a memory for her, but the 35-year-old actress admits she often doesn't wear any earrings or rings because it's not part of her daily routine.

She said: ''I love to look through my jewellery box because it's like looking through a photo album.

''But I don't wear much of it because, to be honest, I forget.''

Katie has several memorable items in her jewellery box, including a number of costume pieces given to her by her daughter Suri - her child with ex-husband Tom Cruise - as well as various items she has received for big celebrations such as a necklace she got for her sweet 16th birthday.

Speaking to HELLO! magazine, she said: ''It mostly contains jewellery from Claire's - panda or heart earrings that my child has given me and that I treasure.

''More grown-up pieces are ones given to me to mark special moments - birthdays and such.

''I still have my sweet 16 necklace, which is the same one my sisters and I each shared when we turned 16. Because I'm the baby, I still have it, although I'll have to give it to my niece soon.''