In online bingo games, it's not just about matching the numbers on bingo balls to the numbers you see on your card, it's about using technological innovations to have a good time. Online bingo games take the fun to the next level, ditching flimsy bingo cards for full, interactive experiences, many of which have themes.

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Themes are a big part of this as they allow online bingo game providers to offer something that the land-based game cannot. It also allows them to appeal to all kinds of fans, from those of blockbuster movies to those who love catching up on television programs. One type of demographic that is well-served by online bingo games and their themes are music and TV lovers, with many games featuring famous and familiar tunes.

How Famous Songs Are Used in Bingo

At some level, all bingo games use music and audio to entertain players. There is celebratory music when you've got a big win, and many casual bingo games make it feel like you're in a lively, party atmosphere where you're playing bingo with your friends. However, some go a step further by featuring media licenses as well as the popular theme music that goes along with it. 

One popular bingo game is the Deal or No Deal bingo game, which is based on the hit TV show of the same name. The gameshow has millions of fans, with the US version hosted by Howie Mandel beating out shows like The Good Doctor. The Britain's Got Talent bingo game also features the theme tune from the popular reality and variety entertainment show in the UK. The 2018 series finale of BGT got 10.6 million viewers at its peak. What it means is that the theme tunes of both of these shows are incredibly familiar with viewers who will recognize the audio whether it's attached to a game or the original TV show.

Why Do Bingo Games Use Popular Theme Songs?

Many new online bingo game sites use titles like the Deal or No Deal or Britain's Got Talent bingo games because they have a built-in audience. Newer bingo sites use these famous properties - as well as welcome bonuses and offers - to appeal to players who may not have heard of them before. The audio and theme tunes are a big part of that appeal, and many fans love the theme tune of the media so much that they are unlikely to engage in spin-off media without it.

The popularity of these theme tunes and soundtracks has been shown time and time again. The Greatest Showman soundtrack outsold Adele during the 2018 holiday period. Music chart data published in early 2019 also confirmed that the soundtrack album had outsold all other albums during the year. While the themes of Deal or No Deal and BGT aren't at those levels yet, it does show how much fans love the whole experience and why bingo games find it so important to feature that music.

Bingo game providers regularly come up with new ideas for spin-offs and tie-ins, so these games are unlikely to be the last bingo games that feature famous tunes.