50 Cent found writing his own self-help book to be a ''therapeutic'' experience.

The 44-year-old rap star has admitted to enjoying the process of penning his self-help book, saying it's helped him to assess what he was feeling during some of his own life-shaping experiences.

Speaking to Ebro Darden on Apple Music, 50 - whose real name is Curtis Jackson - explained: ''It was therapeutic at points just going back.

''A lot of times when you're in a different space where you can actually assess what you was feeling and going through, you're able to put it in terms where other people can understand it better.''

50 is also in the process of creating a posthumous album for the late rapper Pop Smoke, who was shot dead during a home invasion in February.

The chart-topping rapper insisted it's not been difficult to put the record together.

He shared: ''I definitely want to get Roddy Rich and a few of the people that I know that would fit on these records organically involved in it.

''I'm going it to send to them and I'm going to say, 'Play it. Listen, if you don't just feel like this is it, don't even touch it. Please send it back. Delete, and just move on.' Because he had so many pieces set up that were so good that it's not tough to put it together.''

Meanwhile, 50 recently confessed his lyrics are misogynistic.

The '21 Questions' hitmaker conceded that his music is prejudiced against women - but he also thinks that, like any artist, he should be free to express himself.

He explained: ''They are misogynistic, but the world is not under the same circumstances.

''Are you going to tell a painter what to paint? I'm an artist. Why am I limited to what you feel should be said?''