Adam Sandler’s Grown Ups 2 – the creatively titled sequel to 2010’s Grown Ups – is about as bad as you’d expect, at least as far as the critics are concerned. However, despite the unanimously poor critical reception that the last decade of Sandler movies have received the comedian continues to make them and, more importantly, to make decent profits off them.

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Adam Sandler, Shaquile O'Neil, Grown Ups 2 New York Premiere
Well, Shaq and Sandler do make a cute team - both onscreen and off.

Interestingly enough though, Grown Ups 2 is Sandler’s very first dabble at the exciting world of the sequel. Naturally, the actor shared some of the insights gained from the experience in an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America. Apparently, Grown Ups 2 was just as spontaneous of a creation as it seems to be on first glance.

Salma Hayek, Grown Ups 2 New York Premiere
Salma Hayek plays the wife of Sandler's character.

“We did the Grown Ups three years ago,” Sandler recalls. “We had the greatest time together. And a bunch of comedians, we're all old friends. And we had an idea for a movie about a day in the life of a bunch of guys our age who have families. And we thought it would make sense to be a sequel.”

And if does make sense, if only because the characters in Grown Ups 2 are just as mediocre as their 2010 versions. But hey, if the slapstick humor of the typical Sandler comedy is your thing - and box office charts show that it is for a lot of people – then Grown Ups 2 seems like the perfect specimen.

Adam Sandler, Grown Ups 2 New York Premiere
The film is formulaic, but cute - it's bound to find its audience.