Adele has joked her boyfriend was “livid” after a fan apparently tried to woo her with his phone number.

The singer, 34, added the concert-goer who attempted to give her his digits on Sunday (04.12.22) during the third weekend of her Las Vegas was only trying to sell her a car.

A clip of the incident showed a man trying to pass Adele a note as she made her way through a crowd, before the singer laughed and handed it back.

According to Mail Online on Monday (05.12.22), she said the next day about the incident during her show at Caesars Palace: “Someone texted me something this morning saying that a guy tried to give me his number last night when I was walking through this way.

“He wasn’t – he was just trying to make me buy a car from him, was actually what he was doing.”

Referring to her sports agent partner Rich Paul, 40, she added: “I told my boyfriend – he was livid... he was like, ‘That man’s getting put to sleep.’”

The singer, who last month started her ‘Weekends with Adele’ residency after she called it off at the last minute in January, is thought to be earning around £800,000 per show for the 32-night run.

She is reportedly refusing to cheer on England in the World Cup during the run, which continues until March 2023, in a bid to save her vocal cords.

The Sun reported she is attempting to avoid “excessive stress” on her vocal cords and is resorting to “whispering” when not on stage in Vegas.

A source told the publication: “Usually she’d be screaming and shouting in support of the boys, but she is holding it in for the sake of her cords.

“People know she is not being rude, but looking after herself. It is about staying healthy and strong.”