Adele isn't among the line-up for Band Aid 30.

The London-born songstress was widely expected to be one of the leading names among the array of stars to record the Christmas single, but when the much-anticipated line-up was confirmed earlier today (15.11.14), the 'Someone Like You' hitmaker's name did not appear.

However, the single - a play on the original 'Do They Know It's Christmas' - will feature an impressive list of big-name acts, including One Direction, U2's Bono, Ellie Goulding and Coldplay's Chris Martin, all of whom are seeking to raise money for the Ebola crisis in Africa.

Ed Sheeran and Rita Ora have also been named among the acts who are to appear on the single, but there is no space for Adele.

What's more, the lyrics of the new track have also been released, which reveal a few minor tweaks have been made to the ever-popular original.

A new line reads: ''Where a kiss of love can kill you - And there's death at every tear.''

Another reads: ''Well tonight we're reaching out, and touching you.''

The lyrics continue: ''No peace and joy this Christmas in West Africa - the only hope they'll have is being alive.

''Where to comfort is to fear - Where to touch is to be scared.

''How can they know it's Christmas time at all.''