Tiffany Haddish Uses Secret X Account To Savage Her Trolls!

Tiffany Haddish uses secret X account to savage her trolls!

Tiffany Haddish secretly taunts her trolls from a fake X account.The 44-year-old comedian and actress – who revealed last month...

Original ‘Blair Witch Project’ Cast Furiously Demand More Cash From Horror Franchise!

Original ‘Blair Witch Project’ cast furiously demand more cash from horror franchise!

The original ‘Blair Witch Project’ cast are furiously demanding more cash from the ongoing horror franchise.Joshua Leonard, 48, one of...

Tom Brady Faces Brutal Taunting Over Divorce From Gisele BüNdchen After Signing Up For Netflix Roast!

Tom Brady faces brutal taunting over divorce from Gisele Bündchen after signing up for Netflix roast!

Tom Brady faces being mocked over his divorce from Gisele Bündchen and her new relationship as he’s signed up to...

CéLine Dion ‘Can’T Answer’ When She Will Be Back On Stage

Céline Dion ‘can’t answer’ when she will be back on stage

Céline Dion has no idea when she will be able to get back to touring.The ‘My Heart Will Go On’...

Justin Bieber Reveals Grief Over Gun Murder Of 32-Year-old Rapper Pal Chris King

Justin Bieber reveals grief over gun murder of 32-year-old rapper pal Chris King

Justin Bieber has said he will see rapper Chris King “in paradise” after the singer was shot dead.The 30-year-old reformed...

Sydney Sweeney Jokes She’S Sorry For Having ‘Great’ Breasts!

Sydney Sweeney jokes she’s sorry for having ‘great’ breasts!

Sydney Sweeney has jokingly apologised for having “great” breasts.The 26-year-old actress – who shot to fame playing hysterical schoolgirl Cassie...

Halle Bailey So Deep In Her ‘Severe’ Postpartum Depression She Feels Like She’S Drowning

Halle Bailey so deep in her ‘severe’ postpartum depression she feels like she’s drowning

Halle Bailey is so deep in the grip of “severe” postpartum depression she feels like she’s drowning and suffers dissociation...

CéLine Dion Thought It Was Her ‘Fault’ She Got Stiff Person Syndrome!

Céline Dion thought it was her ‘fault’ she got Stiff Person Syndrome!

Céline Dion asked herself if it was her “fault” she was afflicted with Stiff Person Syndrome when she was first...

Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals Viral Mark Zuckerberg Beard Shot Reminds Her Of Chris Martin!

Gwyneth Paltrow reveals viral Mark Zuckerberg beard shot reminds her of Chris Martin!

Gwyneth Paltrow says Mark Zuckerberg’s viral photoshopped beard image reminds her of Chris Martin.The actress-turned Goop founder, 51, has two...

Drake Uses Latest Diss Track To Hail Taylor Swift ‘Biggest Gangster’ In Music Business

Drake uses latest diss track to hail Taylor Swift ‘biggest gangster’ in music business

Drake has hailed Taylor Swift the “biggest gangster” in music.The 37-year-old rapper paid her the compliment in another “diss track”...

Kanye West Reveals Dream Of Threesome With His Wife And Very Famous First Lady

Kanye West reveals dream of threesome with his wife and VERY famous First Lady

Kanye West wants a threesome with his wife and Michelle Obama.The scandal-plagued rapper, 46, made the admission when he was...