Following the Alec Baldwin rumours that he and wife Hilaria Thomas were expecting a baby, the couple have decided to be consistent in their response, US Magazine reports. 

"Our response to baby speculation over the past 18 months has remained the same," a statement said. "When/if Alec and Hilaria have news they want to share, they will share it. Until then, no comment."

True to Baldwin's character, he often jokes about his private life. Recently he's been outlining his 'plans' for Thomas. "I keep telling my future wife that I want her to get rich because I want to retire. She teaches yoga. I want her to become the world's first billionaire yoga teacher," Baldwin, 54, told Wonderwall in June, just before their NYC wedding. "I know it is a long shot, but that's the plan I'm sticking with right now. I want to have a baby and stay home and make the pancakes before I send my wife out to work every day to pay the bills."

"I'll say to our child, 'Don't cry. Mommy has to go to work. Mommy's a very important yoga teacher. Daddy's here to take you to the park,'" shared Baldwin, whose show 30 Rock airs its series finale on Thursday. "I've got it all planned out."