Allison Williams absolutely loves playing Marnie Michaels in the HBO hit series 'Girls,' and she plans on keeping the role for as long as possible. This may be down to the show's creator and writer Lena Dunham, who always keeps things fresh for the 26-year-old actress.

Allison Williams
Williams loves starring in HBO's 'Girls'

"As long as they'll have me. I would never ever get sick of playing her, because there is no sense of 'Oh, I've done that already,'" Williams said in the February issue of Glamour magazine. "It's all new - new scenarios, new feelings."

As of now her role is safe, HBO announced last night at its New York premiere party for season four, 'Girls' has been renewed for a fifth season.

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Another new scenario the daughter of NBC news anchor Brian Williams recently experienced in her career, is when she portrayed Peter Pan in the television network's live stage production 'Peter Pan Live!' on Dec. 4.

"The day of the performance, I was focused, chill, then emotional," she admitted. "My makeup artist had to redo all my makeup because I cried so much before the show started. Then, the minute I flew out the window in the end, I burst into tears again. To tell a cast that opening night is also closing night is just crazy."

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Apart from her blossoming professional life, the brunette beauty does find it hard to understand why the media tend to focus on her weight. "Being analysed about my weight drives me crazy," she said. "It's easier to say, 'Oh, she must be anorexic and depriving herself,' than it is to say, 'She might have a fast metabolism.'"

Williams further targeted her critic's when stating, "I deprive myself nothing. But that's an annoying thing to say, right?"