Andrew Garfield wants to make another musical.

The 38-year-old actor plays the late 'Rent' creator Jonathan Larson in Lin-Manuel Miranda's new musical movie 'Tick Tick... Boom' and Andrew says getting to sing and play the piano in the movie was a "gift".

He told Variety: "I would love to keep my singing going. It’s such a gift that Lin-Manuel gave me in stretching out my skill set in this way. I have my piano in my room and I’m going to be doing a couple of private sessions over the next couple of weeks, just for myself, just to keep me with the instrument. It’s like a meditation practice. It was a great match and I would definitely do it again."

He also revealed that many of Jonathan's friends and family have been in touch to reveal how much they loved the movie, and how it made them feel closer to Jonathan, who died suddenly from an aortic dissection on the day of Rent's first Off-Broadway preview performance in 1996.

He said: "It’s been all-encompassing. The most beautiful thing has been members of his family and his friends feeling like they’ve been given Jon back for a period of time. Through his music and what the film does, people who never had a relationship to his work have reached out because their lives have been reinvigorated by him. Because his story is theirs, too. You see him making these ripples in others reaffirming or recommitting to their own dreams. I got a message today from a friend of a friend who watched it on an airplane. He wrote the most beautiful note just saying, 'I needed this, and I didn’t know that I needed this film in this moment.'"