An excellent topic to kick off Monday with – Anna Kendrick hosted SNL last week (excellent unless you missed it, of course.) Kendrick was perfect at matching the pitch of SNL’s comedy (get it?) On her first time hosting, she kicked things off with a Broadway-like musical number to the tune of Beauty and the Beast’s Little Town in lieu of an opening monologue, proving that everything is funnier when you add synchronized dance.

Anna Kendrick
Kendrick tried her best, but the script didn't do her any favours.

The Disney theme continued throughout the night with Kendrick doing a Kesha-inspired (sans $) version of the little mermaid. A little mermaid who can’t sing and is, apparently, vaguely racist. No seriously, that was the sketch. Kendrick mostly played characters we’ve seen her do before – nervous first time host, nervous fairytale creature, nervous zookeeper, nervous blonde Republican lady – the writing team really did not do her any favors.

It might not have been one of SNL’s best shows for topical jokes, but Kendrick’s persona is lovable enough to make it work. Plus, there was that bit they threw in about Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin, which ended up being edgy enough to cover up.

Pharrell Williams showed up in his green mushroom hat and yes, in case anyone was wondering, he did perform the monster hit Happy. No one was wondering. Of course he performed it. The upbeat anthem is yet to get old and the fact that Pharrell sang live (unlike a lot of SNL musical guests) made it even better. It was an all-round solid mid-season show, maybe even great, if you’re a Kendrick fan.

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Watch Pharrell's explanation behind Happy below.