Armie Hammer had strength-training to prepare himself for 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E.'

The 28-year-old star's trainer Jordan Feramisco has revealed the pair worked hard to get Armie ready for his role as a KGB agent in the Guy Ritchie-directed film.

Jordan shared: ''He loves training, especially doing fighting and jujitsu. He likes to do the same kind of strength-training workout that all my fighters do.

''We work on strength. We use his abs in a lot of the exercises to help slow down movements. We do medicine ball slams, and we use medium weights so he can move the weights fast and explosively to keep his muscles toned.''

And Jason has admitted the training made things more authentic for the final cut of the movie.

He added to PEOPLE magazine: ''Since he's done all the fight training, it looks so much smoother on camera when he's doing the scenes. When he's throwing a punch, he knows how to throw a punch, or doing a kick or any jujitsu or jabs or throws - he really knows what he's doing. So it just translates.

''He's pretty active. Every day he shows up ready to work, excited and full of energy. He just loves it and is ready to rock every day.''