Since his political career came to an end following his second term as Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger has found renewed success at the cinema and perhaps best of all, become an active internet personality too. Whether he is appearing on Reddit to answer questions from fans, recreating some of his most famous movie lines, or starring in his own viral videos, Arnie is fast becoming the King of the Internet.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnie clearly likes to keep himself busy

In his latest online stunt, Arnie decided to go incognito during a recent visit to the world famous Gold's Gym in Venice Beach, California, offering advice out to some of the unsuspecting clients flexing their muscles. Wearing an incredibly dodgy disguise that would struggle to fool even the most clueless gym-goer, Arnie and his fake moustache stalked the treadmills and weight sets of Gold's under the guise of instructor Howard Kleiner. He went from person to person, telling them in his trademark thick Austrian accent how to improve their work out.

"Remember, 75% of the body is water. Keep drinking because we haven't finished yet with the water drinking. Remember, we do everything in reps, so you've done two reps of water drinking. Usually we do 10 reps of everything, so do another rep of water drinking," he tells one woman stopping at a drinking fountain. Continue to fool no one, he ventures to a callisthenics class and yells at another "You have elbows and you have knees. So touch them!" Saying, "Stop being a baby. This is Gold's Gym, this is not a baby gym," to another.

This wasn't done as a bit of fun either, the video was all done in aid of Arnold's new charity aimed at funding and raising awareness of after schools activities. The video contains a link that offers more information about the After-School All-Stars as well as giving one lucky fan the opportunity to work out and spend the afternoon with him. You can find out more about the After-School All-Stars and the prize giveaway here.

He's still the man