Bella Thorne takes pictures of herself before leaving the house to check how her outfit will look with a flash.

The 'Frenemies' actress always takes multiple snaps when getting ready for red carpet appearances so she can see what she will look like in paparazzi photos, making sure her outfit isn't see-through.

She explained: ''The biggest thing is you have to take flash photos of your outfit before you step out wearing it.

''It happens to people all the time, where the outfit doesn't look see-through and then a flash goes off, and you can see panties, nipples and everything else. It's all out there.''

The 17-year-old 'Shake it Up' star - who wore an orange strapless mini dress with a sheer slip to the Teen Choice Awards 2015 - revealed she was inspired to add the step to her beauty regime after a particularly unfortunate incident.

She told E! Online: ''On the carpet there was one time I was wearing green shorts, a white shirt and a cute black bra underneath with a green jacket.

''I wanted the bra to be cute and just-noticeable, but the camera flashed and it was the only thing you saw I was like, 'oh no, this looks terrible!'​''