Review of Pictures EP by Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Eagerly anticipated and fully supported before it was even released, 'Pictures' lives up to its high expectations.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich Pictures EP

A self taught guitarist, Leftwich has pitched himself in the right music camp. With 'Pictures' produced by Ian Grimble (Mumford & Sons), and a support slot for Noah and The Whale, his target audience has always been near by. His talents are clear, and it becomes obvious as you listen that Leftwich doesn't even really have to try at this. Citing influences from the likes of Nina Simone, Sigur Ros, and Kate Bush, you get a real sense of what he is trying to convey.

'Pictures' has elegance about it. Some folk singers fail to achieve this with their choice of tempo. There isn't even a slight hint at that desperate search for a hook you can sometimes get. It's delicate, emotive, and so raw that each individual pluck of the guitar can be distinguished.

With just four tracks, this is yet another snapshot of what Leftwich is capable of. His song writing abilities easily match his performance.

Perhaps the track where this becomes most evident is 'See You Again'. The delicate guitar intro conjures up images of those relaxed evenings when someone with a guitar is just messing about, but it compliments the mood. It all seems so natural and content.

To say Zane Lowe has already made one of these tracks 'Hottest Record in The World', is just one example of the overwhelming support he has received. 'Pictures' is short and sweet, but a great build up to the release of his debut album this year.

Laura Johnstone

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