Blake Lively is a wife to heartthrob Ryan Reynolds, the idol of many of Gossip Girl obsessed teenage (and older) girl, and a future internet entrepreneur. She's certainly got a lot going for her but we know very little about the 26-year-old actress. So here's what we've learned from her interview with Vogue, the August cover of which she is currently gracing.

Blake Lively
Blake Lively at the Premiere of Mr. Turner at the Cannes Film Festival.

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This is the third time the former Gossip Girl actress has appeared on the cover of Vogue but there's still plenty to learn about her. So, if you don't feel inclined to read the whole interview, here are ten things you need to know:

10. Senior Citizens

Ryan Reynolds thinks Lively only makes friends with old age pensioners. She's close friends with Ivanka Trump and Ellen Burstyn, greatly admires and lives near Martha Stewart, and has recently met Jane Fonda. Apparently when Lively told her husband she had made friends with Fonda, he said "You only make friends with senior citizens!' 

9. Preserve

Lively has spent the past two years working on a website called Preserve, which is about to launch. Yes, it does sound a little like Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP but will focus more on people around the US who are making things - food, clothes, furniture, etc. - in a traditional crafty way. 

Blake Lively
Lively discussed her influences and loves in a recent interview.

8. Humour

She's so deadpan people often mistake her sense of humour for her being "a jerk". Apparently her friends have to laugh loudly whenever she says amusing something to a stranger in order to emphasise how Lively is genuinely being good humoured. 

7. Food

Lively is always hungry and absolutely loves food. Strangely enough, it's difficult to hate her for constantly eating - in a Vogue interview last year she revealed she eats chocolate everyday - and still managing to maintain her model like figure. Of food, Lively said "food to me is love. When the whole family comes together, my mom makes a big meal, usually a family dish that was passed down."

6. The South

Lively loves the South almost as much as she loves food. Although the Green Lantern actress grew up in Los Angeles and is the daughter of an actor, she loves the Southern states as her mother grew up in Georgia. She also claims her love of food comes from her Southern origins as well as her love of all things rustic.