Brandy was overcome with shyness while filming her new music video with Chris Brown over fears the performer would outshine her on set.
The Boy Is Mine hitmaker has teamed up with Brown on her new album, with the Kiss Kiss singer writing one track, Slower, and rapping on her upcoming single, Put It Down.
But when it came to shooting the promo for Put It Down, Brandy admits she was worried Brown's impressive dance moves would leave her in the shade.
She tells, "We had a great time shooting the video, (but) I was so shy, because he's such a great entertainer and dancer. I worked with Frank Gatson on the choreography for the video, and I was so shy, because I'm coming into my own as a performer, so I really wanted to do good. Standing next to Chris, he's so vibrant, like, 'What am I gonna do standing there next to him?' But I practised really hard, like two weeks before Chris practised - wait, I'm pretty sure Chris didn't need to practice. But I practised, I was ready.
"Chris Brown was not gonna upstage me! I was gonna be right there along with him shining too. I feel like I held it down a little bit, and I definitely did a lot better when Chris wasn't around, because I was shy."