Brian McFadden has turned Vogue Williams into a ''cringe machine''.

The model-and-DJ married the former Westlife singer in 2012 after 16 months of dating, and she admits since striking up a romance with her beau she's started becoming more romantic because his heart-felt gestures are beginning to rub off on her.

She said: ''I wouldn't consider myself to be overly romantic. For some reason it always made me embarrassed but after meeting Brian I turned into the ultimate cringe machine! He is quite a romantic and affectionate person and it has definitely rubbed off on me a bit.''

The brunette beauty admits she has thought long and hard about ways she can be more romantic towards Brian, 33, and has come up with a beautiful present for his birthday, but she believes he outdoes her every time.

She explained: ''For his birthday this year I have booked a trip to Paris. I have had our names engraved on a lock to put on the love bridge but that's probably the extent of my romantic gestures.

''I think I'll have to rely mainly on Brian for the romance in our relationship. I put a lock on a bridge and he tattoos the date of our wedding on his wrist, he trumps me at every corner.''