Comedian and writer Caroline Aherne announced today that she has been diagnosed with lung cancer and is currently recovering from treatment. The ‘Royle Family’ star is one of Britain’s most successful comedy writers and performers, though in recent years she has chosen to shun the limelight and concentrate on her personal life. As we wish Caroline the best in her recovery, here’s a few of her greatest tv moments, which prove why she is a true comedic national treasure.

Caroline Aherne Royle FamilyCaroline is perhaps best known for 'The Royle Family'

The Fast Show

Caroline’s first big TV break came as part of the cast of seminal 90’s sketch show ‘The Fast Show’. During her tenure on the show, she was responsible for many memorable characters, from Janine Carr to Renee. Perhaps her most memorable incarnation is as ‘the checkout girl’ whom you wouldn't want to buy anything embarrassing in front of.

The Mrs Merton Show

Caroline first crafted her Mrs Merton character while working with Frank Sidebottom on his Manchester radio show. The fearless granny got her big break in 1994 with her own mock talk show 'The Mrs Merton Show’. Celebrity guests were taken to task by the softly spoken pensioner who didn't pull any punches when it came to asking the tough questions. The show’s most memorable moment came when Debbie McGee, wife of magician Paul Daniels was a guest and Merton famously asked her, “So, what first attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels?”

The Royle Family

Caroline’s most enduring contribution to British comedy is sitcom ‘The Royle family’, which she co-created and wrote with then partner, Craig Cash. Caroline played Denise Royle, Jim and Barbara’s lazy daughter. Denise might never win any parenting awards, but viewers loved her all the same and after the series ended its original run the yearly Christmas specials became essential festive viewing. Although the show provided many laughs, one of its most memorable moments came when Denise went into labour on Christmas Day and Jim was left to comfort her. The memorable scene made for a truly tender TV moment and showed how the series could combine laughs whilst also pulling on viewer's heartstrings.

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Whilst Caroline has stayed away from the limelight for the past decade, her voice can be heard narrating the successful Channel 4 series ‘Googlebox’. Caroline has served as the show’s narrator for it’s three series letting us into the lives of some of television’s most outspoken viewers. Since her diagnosis, Caroline has said her role as narrator will not be affected telling viewers, ”I will be narrating this week's 'Gogglebox', and I will continue to narrate 'Gogglebox' for as long as 'Gogglebox' want me.” We're guessing then Caroline will be the voice of 'Googlebox' for a long time to come, afterall we couldn't imagine anyone better for the job.

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