Carrie Underwood's hit track 'Two Black Cadillacs' tells a very ominous story of two women seeking revenge of the same man after finding out they are both romantically involved with him, so it isn't a surprise that such a compelling plot is being adapted into a television show.

Carrie Underwood
Underwood's 2012 song 'Two Black Cadilacs' will be turned into a Fox TV show

Underwood's tale of vengeance, murder and treachery has been picked up by Fox to be turned into a six-hour limited event series, according to The 'American idol' alum is also going to team with Jerry Bruckheimer and executive produce the production, which is already in development.

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Ildy Modrovich (CSI: Miami, Necessary Roughness) has wrote a script for the series, which is set in the modern day south and focuses on love triangle revolving round a wife and mistress who discover they are dealing with the same man, they therefore conspire to murder the cheating husband.

The song, which was co-written by Underwood, Hillary Lindsey and Josh Kear, featured on the 31 year-old sinner's 2012 album 'Blown Away' and went platinum.

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"One's the wife, one's the one he's messing around with - and you root for them both, because it's not their fault. He's lying to both of them," Underwood said about the tack in 2012. "They figure it out, and what do they do about it? They kill him! And the first time they meet is at the funeral. There's two black Cadillacs, and you think maybe that's the car he bought for both of them.. It's dark, it's stormy, it's dramatic - it's like a soap opera."

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Underwood's musical popularity also helped NBC find great success with last December's live television stage production of 'The Sound of Music,' which she starred in, as it garnered 18.4 million viewers and scored a 4.6 average rating in the adult demographic, making it the highest rating NBC production since the last episode of ER in 2009.

No slated premiere date of 'Two Black Cadillacs' has been released.