Channing Tatum is ''solid'' at changing his daughter's nappy.

The '22 Jump Street' hunk has mastered the art of changing his 12-month-old daughter Everly's bottom and can now even do it while she's crawling around.

Speaking to PEOPLE, he said: ''I'm solid at changing a diaper now. If a guy isn't good at changing a diaper, I don't know what he's there for, really, cause they're not there for the first seven months for any other reason than to do that because the mom is the end-all, be-all of everything.

''My daughter does not like sitting still, and I can do the whole thing while she's crawling, standing up.''

However, the 34-year-old actor insists there isn't a day that goes by without a messy mishap, such as flying food.

He explained: ''There's always mishaps. The whole day is just a big old mishap, but I find it really fun. It's always a different thing everyday.''

Meanwhile, Channing is planning to step away from the camera this year in order to spend more time with Everly and his wife Jenna Dewan, whom he married in 2009.

He said: ''I want to slow down and don't want to miss my child's first 10 years of her life, so it's going to be nice to spend more time with the family.''

However, it won't be a complete break for the star as he's currently penning the sequel to 'Magic Mike'.