It seems Channing Tatum is far happier flexing his enviable Hollywood body on a stripper's pole or pulling off some smooth moves on the dancefloor when it comes to movie roles, as his latest part as wrestler Mark Schultz has been his hardest yet.

Channing Tatum and Steve Carell in 'Foxcatcher'
Channing Tatum [L] is under Steve Carell's [R] tutelage in 'Foxcatcher'

The '22 Jump Street' star is hardly an idler having growing up playing all kinds of sport including martial arts, but that doesn't mean his new work out routine for his role as an Olympic grappler in 'Foxcatcher' was any more of an easy ride. 'I challenge anyone who thinks their sport is harder to come and try it', says Channing Tatum, who landed a college football scholarship as a high school graduate. 'This has been the most painful movie I have ever done. I never want to wrestle again.'

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On the other hand, co-star Mark Ruffalo - who played his on-screen brother Dave Schultz - was probably right in his comfort zone, having competed in wrestling tournaments throughout his teenage years, reigning as champion no less than three times. Though, as much of 'Foxcatcher' focuses on the uncomfortable relationship between Channing's character Mark and Steve Carell's John du Pont, it's likely that Channing's body was pushed to the max - much like the man he portrays. 

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'Mark was always that little brother that just couldn't break out or figure out how to get by on his own', he explains. 'He always had to rely on Dave, and this kept him from having his own life, his own career, and the thing he wanted most-his own respect from people. I don't think anybody could punish Mark more than he could himself and I think he hardens himself against the world by punishing himself.'

Bennett Miller's 'Foxcatcher' is out in the US on November 14th 2014.