Looks like another legal headache for Chris Brown is on it's way, as the singer is being sued by the cousin of R&B star Frank Ocean, who claims that the 'Don't Wake Me Up' singer's bodyguard beat him to a pulp during a confrontation between the two stars earlier this year. The attack in question happened in January this year, in which the two singers and their entourages came to blows over a parking spot at a LA recording studio, during which Brown allegedly threw homophobic slurs at Ocean and threatened to shoot him (although it is still unclear who started the brawl).

Chris Brown
Brown has yet another legal battle to worry about

Frank's cousin Sha'Keir Duarte has now revisited the unpleasant incident saying that he was severely injured during the brawl, claiming that Brown's hired protection, a man who goes by the name of 'Hood,' pulverised him during the attack. Duarte goes on to state that Hood repeatedly punched and kicked him, continuing his brutal attack even when he fell to the ground. In all, Durate reckons he suffered at least twelve kicks to the body and several to the head whilst he was on the floor, having sustained a number of blows prior to collapsing to the floor.

Frank Ocean
Ocean decided not to press charges against Brown following the attack

To make matters worst, Durate also claims that Brown spurred on his bodyguard and told him to keep hitting him even when he fell to the ground. He reckons that Brown yelled things like "get that n****r!" and mocked him when he was on the ground, allegedly saying, "you just got your ass beat and it's all on camera."

Durate now claims to be permanently disabled because of the attack and he is suing Brown for an unspecified amount. TMZ managed to get a comment from Brown's rep concerning the incident, who only said, "Chris Brown does not employee anyone named Hood."

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