Scott Eastwood would give up his career for love.

The 'Longest Ride' actor knows it would be the ''ultimate sacrifice'' to turn his back on his passion so would only do so if he knew the woman in question was 'The One'

Asked if he'd give up acting for the love of his life, he said: ''Yes I would. I think that's the ultimate sacrifice and if I couldn't see my life without her then of course. She would have to be 'The One' though.''

Scott's father is 'American Sniper' director Clint Eastwood and he admits the Hollywood legend used to try and set him up on dates when he was younger.

Asked if Clint ever set him up, he said: ''Yes! When I was 16 he was rooting for me and this older girl. He wanted me to make it happen and it did. He was so happy.

''Would I trust him to pick me a girl? Yes sure. I absolutely would.''

The 29-year-old actor falls in love easily, but tries to bear in mind some advice he was given by his mother, Jacelyn Reeves.

He explained to We Love Pop magazine: ''I've been the guy who falls immediately but my mom always told me to, 'Give it all seasons'. If you give it a year then you'll know if it's right.''