Courteney Cox is urging fans to spread the word about the new season of her TV series Cougar Town amid fears the show is facing cancellation due to falling ratings.
The third series of the star's hit comedy premiered in the U.S. last month (14Feb12), and the actress pledged bottles of wine to 50 fans who promised to stay in to watch it, but viewers have been deserting the programme in their droves.
Cox and co-creator Kevin Biegel are now appealing for fans to spread the word about the new season, with both taking to their pages in a bid to bump ratings.
In a series of posts on Twitter, Biegel writes, "Well my friends, if Cougar Town ratings gonna go up it's gotta start now. Here what I'll obnoxiously ask of superfans during this last push. Send an email to everyone you know and don't know saying the show is on Tuesday, 8.30, ABC. It's not about cougars blah blah terrible title.
"Tell them you're trying to help keep something you like alive. Now I know it's annoying; hell, the writers and cast have been doing (it) too and it makes you feel pushy/weird... Put up a sign in your window/ your lawn/ your car/ fliers (sic) on lamp posts and buildings. If this seems crazy/desperate it is crazy/desperate...
"We need any/all help gettin (sic) word out. We love (the) show but are convinced people still don't know it's on. My neighbour didn't even know the show was back on. I think spammin (sic) people on Twitter helps to (a) degree, but it's time to go beyond here in any form possible. Of (if) we go down, we go down swinging."
Cox adds, "Hey guys, read KBiegel's last few posts for fan effort to help Cougar Town."