Cruel Intentions beauty Selma Blair has been embroiled in a love scandal - after press reports mistakenly linked her with an already attached man.

Blair was reportedly "all over" GUCCI model ANTHONY NATIELLO at a recent party thrown by INTERVIEW magazine.

However, Natiello is already expecting a child with long-term partner BROOKE BAGACH - who was furious upon reading the reports.

But Bagach says she has Natiello's word that he and Blair were merely acting up for the cameras.

She fumes, "We are expecting our first child on 21 May (03). This article has caused a tremendous conflict between Anthony and I.

"Anthony says it was strictly a business matter and that his agent INGRID MCALLOUGH, from CLEAR MODEL MANAGEMENT, said it would be a great publicity opportunity for him to get noticed."

16/05/2003 19:58