Apparently, a license to kill is not transferable to a New York motorist’s license. Daniel Craig – otherwise known as James Bond right now, as he’s busy taking charge of your local cinema screens in Skyfall – has just taken an obligatory course on “responsible safe driving” in order to obtain a New York driving license, New York Post has reported.

Being James Bond doesn’t get you any special treatment in New York, it would appear. “No one is exempt, regardless of who you are,” said Richard Fernandez, an office manager at the Professional Driving School of the Americas, on East 23rd Street, Manhattan. The rules state that foreigners have to pass a written test, as well as completing a five hour “prelicensing” driving safety course and pass a road test, in order to qualify for a driver’s license. The classroom course includes video and lectures on parallel parking, three-point turns, driving in extreme weather conditions and the dangers of drink driving.

Craig did get a little bit of special treatment though. His assistant had requested that he be able to take the test alone. “No other students were there,” said Fernandez, who added “he was such a nice dude, so friendly.” We’re guessing he didn’t spend his time bragging about how he flipped an Aston Martin DBS in Casino Royale then?