Luke Evans feels "vulnerable" when he sings.

The 43-year-old star has revealed that recording his second studio album, 'A Song for You', was a totally different challenge to acting.

Luke - who has starred in movies such as 'Beauty and the Beast' and 'Fast and Furious 6' - explained: "In a film I’m not playing myself, I’m always playing someone else’s story.

"When I sing, there’s no mask to put on. It’s quite a raw, vulnerable place to be."

Luke - who came out as gay at the age of 22 - insists he isn't worried about being too open and honest with his lyrics.

He told The Independent: "You’re influenced by so many things when it comes to writing. People can interpret what they want to."

Luke also confessed to taking inspiration from Adele.

He shared: "There are songs she’s written that helped me understand my own feelings and process past relationships. A true artist just opens up their heart, and she’s done that the loudest, digging into the journey she went on. It’s a brave thing."

Despite this, Luke insists that his personal life should remain a personal matter.

The Hollywood star said: "I just don’t think it’s anyone’s real business to talk to me about my personal life.

"They don’t do it to straight actors, so why should they to gay actors? It shouldn’t be a thing ... I don’t talk about it because it’s nobody’s damn business!"

Luke also insists that his sexuality hasn't had a huge impact on his career.

The actor - who has been tipped to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond - said: "[My sexuality] hasn’t had any impact on any of the roles I’ve played, my slate is so diverse, so varied in such a brilliant way. I’ve played everything and no one seems to have a problem with that."