Poor old Danny Dyer. Actually, let's not pity him - he was one the one who signed up for Run For Your Wife, a comedy also starring Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding and presenter Denise Van Outen. The movie scored a collective 0% rating on the reviews aggregating website Rotten Tomatoes, with Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian damningly writing "The trouser-dropping 80s stage farce finally hits the big screen with Danny Dyer, to kill off any remaining British self-respect."  Oh dear.

Danny DyerDanny Dyer's 'Run For Your Life' Took Just £602 At The UK Box Office

The movie has scored rather dismal box-office return of just £602 from nine cinemas, delivering an average of £67, plus previews of £320, according to The Guardian. Dyer can probably take a crumb of comfort in the fact that many of the sites only screened the film on Sundays, and the movie will play it at least a further 65 cinemas this week though mainly in late morning and afternoon slots. The movie - which features numerous high profile stars including Judi Dench who agreed to donate their fees to a theatre charity - follows the story of a London cab driver, played by Dyer, who has two wives, two lives and precise schedule for juggling both. One of his loves resides in Streatham, while another is settled in Wimbledon. The weird trailer was a foreboding sign, featuring Denise Van Outen singing a theme song while Danny Dyer falls out of windows and hits himself in the face with garden rakes. Oh, and Neil Morrissey turns up, for a bit.

Unfortunately, it seems there's few ways back for Danny Dyer, who turned in a couple of decent showings earlier in his career. Since then, he's been typecast or generally just agrees to play laddish rogues from the East End. The actor, from Canning Town, has developed a worrying habit of making movies that score zero per cent on Rotten Tomatoes. His 2010 movie 'Pimp' saw Danny playing a once-successful Soho pimp caught in a treacherous world of dangerous criminals and lethal femme fatales. It was awful. David Hayles of The Times said, "It does, however, make you pity the desperate men and women who allow themselves to be degraded on camera for a few quid (the actors in Pimp)."