It’s a pretty good time for football fanatics, especially Manchester United fans, off the field anyway. Alex Ferguson’s book has given an unrivalled insight into the iconic British club since his retirement, and now we’ll be able delve into the Class of 92, seeing United’s greatest generation up close and personal.

Manchester United's Class of 96Manchester United's Class of 96 - From left to right: Giggs, Butt, Beckham, P. Neville, Scholes, G. Neville

David Beckham, Nicky Butt, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Phil and Gary Neville are all special footballers. Not only did they all enjoy illustrious careers – Ryan Giggs still does – but they all grew up together, and cut their teeth under the same, all-powerful manager: Sir Alex.

Unheard of in modern football, the six are revered as Manchester United’s finest crop of English players; the documentary will detail the rise of their superb talents, kicking off in 1992 when many of them came to the fore, right up until 1999 and the infamous treble winning season.

Included in the documentary, which will be in selected cinemas on December 1st and available on DVD the day after, will be interviews with some of football’s most iconic legends as well as musicians and filmmakers, including: Zinedine Zidane, Tony Blair, Mani from the Stone Roses, Eric Cantona and Danny Boyle.

David Beckham was, arguably, the best of the generation, but he was, indubitably, the most famous. His tumultuous move from Manchester United to Real Madrid was widely reported as coming following a bust up with manager, Sir Alex Feguson, as the now-retired Scot writes in his book.

“My time with these players at Manchester United were the most special in my career. We came from different backgrounds, grew up like a family playing together through the ranks, all wanting to be successful. In the end, what we achieved was beyond our wildest dreams. I loved making this film and reuniting back with the lads and talking openly about our time together,” said Beckham, who is also now retired, in a statement. The superstar is reportedly buying his first MLS team in Miami.

Ryan Giggs said: “When we were approached to do this film, it gave me the chance to think back over all the events in not only my career but all of the lads involved. Hopefully you’ll see how personal it is to us all - we’re still great mates and who would turn down the chance to make a movie with your best mates?”

The documentary was directed by Ben and Gabe Turner, and was produced by Leo Pearlman, who are all part of Fulwell 73 Productions. Executive producer was Patrick Holland of Boundless, which is part of FremantleMedia UK.