What is thought to be the first ever documented recording by David Bowie, created during his time with a band called the Konrads, is going up for auction this Fall and it's expected to go for thousands. The tape was found by the band's drummer and manager David Hadfield along with a host of other memorabilia.

David BowieDavid Bowie

A studio recording featuring David Bowie (then 16-year-old David Jones) singing a song titled 'I Never Dreamed' was discovered in Hadfield's garage loft in his grandfather's old bread basket back in the 1990s while he was moving house. He now plans to flog the 1963 demo tape for an expected £10,000 at Omega Auctions in September.

Interestingly, Bowie had no interest in being a singer when the tape was made, and instead leant more towards becoming a saxophone player. However, he was chosen as the best person for the vocals when it came round to making the tape which was later submitted to (and then rejected by) Decca Records.

'David had no inclination to become a singer at this point, his heart and mind were focused on becoming a world class saxophone player', Mr Hadfield said in a statement obtained by The Independent. 'Our agent, Eric Easton, who also managed the Rolling Stones, asked us to do a demo so he could try and get us an audition at Decca.'

He went on to explain how the Konrads were booked into a tiny Morden studio and Bowie, alongside guitarist Neville Wills, ended up writing two or three tracks for their Decca submission.

'We had decided that we would do a couple of guitar instrumentals and one original song', Hadfield continued. 'I chose 'I Never Dreamed' as it was the strongest, the other two were a bit weak. I also decided that David was the best person to sing it and give the right interpretation. So this became the very first recording of David singing 55 years ago.'

While Decca rejected the tape, the band did get an audition with Bowie on backing vocals. Needless to say, he ended up quitting that year and went through a host of other bands before landing his first self-titled solo album in 1967. It wasn't the success he hoped, but two years later he soared into the spotlight with 'Space Oddity' and a brand new image.

Hadfield has a number of other items from the Konrads set to go on sale, while a number of other items - such as letters, forms, photos and sketches - from the early career of David Bowie will also be up for auction for the special music event in Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside.

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Meanwhile, the average Bowie fan can learn more about his early career from the forthcoming BBC documentary 'The First Five Years' which is expected to air in 2019. Plus, on October 21st 2018, a new 80s box set entitled 'Loving The Alien' featuring previously unreleased material will be released.