David Bowie continues his resurgence with The Stars Are Out Tonight – the second single to be taken from his upcoming album, The Next Day – his first studio album in almost 10 years.

The video for The Stars Are Out Tonight sees Tilda Swinton star alongside Bowie, portraying a picture of domesticity. Bowie says, while picking up a magazine, “well, it’s more exciting than anything we’ve got around here,” to which his perfect housewife Swinton, claims, “I wouldn’t say that; we have a nice life.” Middle-class utopia is invaded, though, by a group of loud, unruly youths, experimenting with fashion and playing loud music. Something a stuffy Bowie, adorned in a rather ugly mustard cardigan, can’t abide - in the video, at least. Things take a turn for the weird as these young, art-house hooligans, including a now-converted Swinton, terrorize Bowie in the form of dance and raw meat. Suddenly our minds turn towards Lady Gaga. The video is directed by Floria Sigismondi, who has previously directed music videos for artists including Katy Perry, Marilyn Manson and Ellie Goulding, and has worked with Bowie before on the videos for 'Little Wonder' and 'Dead Man Walking'.

While many were apprehensive of Bowie’s return: scared he might not be able to replicate his once irrepressible self, it would appear he’s been triumphant. The Guardian gave The Next Day a 4-star review, saying, “Despite the lyrical density, The Next Day's success rests on simple pleasures, not a phrase you'd ever use to describe Lodger or Station to Station. You could argue that means the naysayers still have a point. For all the pointers it offers in that direction, The Next Day isn't the equal of Bowie's 70s work: but then, the man himself might reasonably argue, what is?”