Denise Richards has been cleared of abusing Charlie Sheen's sons.

The 42-year-old actress was investigated by the Los Angeles County Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS) after the actor's ex-wife Brooke Myeller claimed she physically abused and neglected their four-year-old twin boys Bob and Max, as well as Denise's own children with Charlie, Sam, nine, Lola, eight, and her adopted daughter Eloise, two, but the agency have now concluded there is no case to answer.

A source told website ''Child welfare officers quickly established that there was no merit to Brooke's claims and found that no follow-up investigation would be necessary.

''The department, under California law, had to officially look into the claims. Denise was cooperative and had been scheduled to meet with DCFS for a follow-up meeting, but officials decided it simply wasn't necessary. It now won't be taking place. The case is closed.''

This is said to be the second time Brooke has made such allegations as Denise, the former carer of the twins.

The source added: ''Brooke had made the same abuse allegations against Denise during a contentious meeting between the two women with social workers last month.

''The department, at that time, also took no action against Denise because it was established that the claims were baseless.''

Denise secured temporary custody of Bob and Max in May after Brooke was hospitalised for drug abuse but recently withdrew as their guardian because of their violent behaviour towards her daughters and they are now living with Brooke's brother.