Fresh from being crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother, 'Loose Women' star Denise Welch was involved in a furious exchange with fellow contestant Michael Madsen. The Reservoir Dogs star was voted out in fourth place, with twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon taking fifth, and Frankie Cocozza taking second, reports the UK's Metro newspaper.
However, in the post-final interviews, Madsen asked host Brian Dowling, "Can you ask security to keep her (Denise) away from me?", adding about his experience living with the TV star, "I couldn't really tell what she was after ... she was definitely after me". Asked by Dowling whether Denise fancied him, the Hollywood actor replied, "I don't know, I don't know. I tried to stop thinking about it at some point". Later on the show's spin-off 'Bit on the Side', Welch had her say, saying, "Michael, I know you're snoring, and that's just rude. I think it's bad sportsmanship Michael, you know what I mean?". When Madsen warned her to "take it easy", Welch replied, "F*ck off".
It appeared as though Michael had a much closer relationship with disgraced X Factor star Frankie Cocozza, whom he described as "so funny", adding, "He just reminded me of being around my own boys".