The cast of Desperate Housewives had no idea how the TV drama would end until the middle of last month (Apr12).
Stars Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria, Teri Hatcher and Felicity Huffman each received their personal copies of the top secret ending on 13 April - a month before the finale airs (13May12).
And Cross admits she had to wait before she could find out what was to become of her character Bree Van de Camp - because the final script was emailed to her as she was putting her twin daughters to bed.
She tells TV Guide magazine, "Once the girls were asleep I read it on my computer because there was all this anticipation."
And co-star Vanessa Williams was at her daughter's swimming competition when the electronic script arrived: "I put on my glasses and read the whole thing because I couldn't wait."
Meanwhile, Longoria, who insists the ending is "satisfying" for fans, admits the first read-through of the final script was an emotional experience.
She tells the publication, "(Narrator) Brenda (Strong) couldn't get through her voice-overs, I couldn't get through my dialogue."
No one is giving too much away but creator Cherry has confirmed he will be making an Alfred Hitchcock-style appearance towards the end of the finale, adding, "We have many, many guest stars who have been killed off who make an appearance."
And the writer/producer tells America's TV Guide magazine that there will be a flash-forward scene, during which all the leading characters will be aged as viewers learn the fate of their favourite characters.