If you’ve got kids who are Disney-obsessed (or maybe you’re just an adult fan) then be prepared to part with £9.99 a month, as DisneyLife has just launched in the UK. The Netflix-style streaming service offers fans the chance to watch much loved Disney classics anytime, with a one-month free trial now live.

UpNow you can watch Up anytime on DisneyLife.

DisneyLife offers "the biggest Disney movie collection in one digital membership” and includes movies and TV shows along with books, music and the option to download one free app each month. The UK is the first territory to experience the service, ahead of an upcoming global rollout.

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Alongside animated classics such as Bambi and The Jungle Book, DisneyLife also includes live-action adventures such as the Pirates of the Caribbean series. There’s also Pixar’s back catalogue including Up and Toy Story. The only thing missing is Disney-owned Marvel and Star Wars content, which is currently unavailable.

“Our team has worked tirelessly to create a personal, intuitive and unique experience for the whole family,” said Paul Brown, general manager of DisneyLife UK.

“Disney means something different to every parent and child and now with DisneyLife we are handing over the keys to them to explore the ever-expanding digital world of Disney – wherever they are and whenever they want.”

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The £9.99 a month price tag also allows members to create six profiles per subscription. There’s also individual parental control options, spread across 10 compatible devices. The app is downloadable on both IOS and Android and is also compatible with both Airplay and Chromecast.