DMX was arrested in South Carolina on 20 August and despite being drunk and carrying marijuana at the time, the rapper's immediate reaction was to claim he'd been framed. On video footage taken at the scene, DMX can be heard saying "this ain't no normal traffic stop, 18 cops, 5 cars, get the f**k outta here man."

DMX leaving a 2011 Maxim magazine party in L.A.

The truck in which the rapper was travelling was pulled over after carrying out an illegal U-turn, with police investigating his car later and finding the illegal narcotic and a drunken DMX. With regards to the marijuana, which he later denied any knowledge of when speaking to TMZ, the police report from the incident states that when they pulled over the F350 truck DMX was travelling in, the bag of weed was on the arm rest - next to the rapper. Further bags of weed were found hidden in the car and the driver has since been charged with possession.

DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, was taken to a nearby police station where it was found that a warrant had already been issued for his arrest as he had driven whilst under suspension. Simmons refused to co-operate with police and his outburst was caught on video and later obtained by TMZ. DMX can be heard shouting at the filming passer-by that "he wasn't even driving." According to the police report, Simmons became "very aggressive with his worlds and making multiple idle threats." 

DMXDMX performing in 2012 in Florida.

Simmons was released from the police station and taken to Greer County jail. He was released sometime later but is currently under house arrest. It is believed that when DMX appears in court, he will be sentenced to 15 days for possession.

DMX is best known for his prolific rap discography, he has been performing since the late 90s. Some of his most famous tracks include 'X Gon' Give It to Ya' and 'Where the Hood At?' He has also appeared in such films as Romeo Must Die and Last Hour. His career has been plagued with bouts of legal difficulties, including another charge of possessing marijuana in 2000. 

DMX at the 2009 Hip Hop Honors, held in Brooklyn, New York.