Whether you know him from his days being the face of World Wrestling Entertainment, or from his later work in some of the biggest movies of the modern day such as the recently released huge success that is 'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle', Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has become a household name across the globe. Thanks to that popularity, the man himself has now become the subject of an upcoming musical in London.

Dwayne Johnson is always a hit in the world of entertainmentDwayne Johnson is always a hit in the world of entertainment

Female collaborative writing group 'Nevertheless, She' have put together 'The People's Rock: A Musical', which is set in a dystopian future and brings to audiences a "teenage fantasy/religious role model hybrid of The Rock, as a bleak world attempts to curb momentary hope." Other characters include 'Emperor Trumpus' and a young girl who's navigating a world that's void of television, internet and democracy.

With Johnson being such a huge star, those responsible for the musical unfortunately couldn't bring the real man on board for the show, and so instead will be using a puppet not dissimilar to those used in famous stage show, 'Avenue Q'.

Speaking with Metro UK, producer Emma Shaw explained: "In the world that we’ve created, it’s not the real Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, it’s the teenage fantasy of him. In the script we call him ‘The Fairy RockMother.’ He appears when she needs him.

"He’s a really tough guy in the play who thinks he can take on everybody, but he’s still really small! Because it’s a musical and it’s fun, it works really well."

As the only puppet in the musical, the character's presence in the production is one that will be easily felt whenever he takes to the stage. Turned into what Shaw describes as a "cult figure like in Stalinist Russia", The Rock "is still the People's Champion, but he's also keeping them in line and doing time checks."

The producer also promises that when audiences watch the musical, they'll be able to pick up on the references to the real world.

"What we didn't want to do is depress anybody, or be heavy-handed," she says. "It's very subtle."

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'The People's Rock: A Musical' runs at the Network Theatre in London from January 24-28.