Ed Sheeran and J Balvin are releasing a joint album "merging two worlds".

The 'Bad Habits' hitmaker and the Colombian reggaeton singer have worked together in the past on tracks like 'Sigue' and 'Forever My Love', and now Balvin has given some details about their upcoming collaboration which is set to drop in 2024.

He told Nylon magazine: "It came about in an organic, natural way. We met; we had coffee, we’d run into each other at the same gym, at the hotel.

“[The record]’s going to be another album that will offer a lot to talk about because it’s like merging two worlds.”

For the two singles they dropped last year, the duo spent a day in the studio after bonding over lunch and afternoon tea

Ed tweeted in March 2022: “I met J Balvin in a gym in New York last year.

“I recognised his voice when he was on the phone so I just went up and said hi.

“We chatted so long we ended up having lunch and then afternoon tea. Then just went to being mates who chatted non-stop.”

The singer songwriter - who previously learned Italian for a version of his song 'Perfect' featuring Andrea Bocelli - admitted it was "a proper challenge" getting to grips with the Spanish language.

He added: “I was in New York at Christmas for shows so we decided to have one day in the studio.

"That led to so much more, which you’ll find out about soon.

“But the first two songs we wrote are Sigue and Forever My Love, they are out soon.

“He wanted to bring me into his world, and I wanted to bring him into mine. It was a proper challenge learning Spanish for this.”