Ed Sheeran is too scared to tan.

The 'Sing' hitmaker is known for his pale complexion and admits he isn't tempted to give himself a bronze glow because he thinks it'd make him look peculiar.

He said: ''I've never worn fake tan. The patchy thing scares me and I have been pale for so long that people would notice if one day I turned up all bronzed.''

Ed, 23, even avoids travelling to exotic countries because of the effect the searing sun would have on his skin.

He added: ''I get burnt and I don't like feeling clammy and sweaty, which happens. I get stressed and I would rather be too cold than too hot because I find it so uncomfortable. Find a hot country with cool shade and I'm there!''

Ed may be worth millions but he recently revealed he buys his underwear from budget store Primark.

He said: ''On a day off I'll just watch films and eat chocolate in my underwear.''

When asked what brand of briefs he's partial to, the 'Don't' hitmaker replied: ''Primark. No one sees them, they're only meant to keep your junk in.''

Despite his low-key appearance, Ed - who counts Taylor Swift, Courteney Cox and Pharrell Williams among his closest friends - admitted he has been enjoying the high life since breaking America.

Speaking of his time in LA, he said: ''I was at parties, meeting people and thought, 'All of this could end tomorrow, I better do it all now.' I did everything I should've done - and everything I shouldn't.''