Ed Sheeran has a ''very addictive personality'' and ''sees no point'' in having just one drink.

The 'Drunk' hitmaker admitted he could relate to moments in Sir Elton John's autobiography, 'Me', when he talks about his days of bingeing on food and alcohol because his own behaviour has been very similar.

He said: ''I have a very addictive personality. Very, very addictive personality.

''I'm reading Elton John's book at the moment and there are so many things that he did that I do.

''He would be like, 'I would just go on an ice cream binge and eat four f***ing desserts until I throw it up', and I was like, 'I've done that before'.

''Or his martini binges, where he sees how many he can drink. And I'm like, 'I've done that before too'.

''I see no point in having a glass of wine. I'd rather have two bottles

''He ends up getting really f***ing sad and depressed and all of these things can can add to that.''

But Ed knows ''moderation'' is the key to solving his problems.

According to The Sun newspaper, he told an American self-help writer: ''I think things like sugar, sweet stuff, junk food, cocaine, alcohol, it feels good the more you do, but it's the worst thing for you, I think.

''I think with addiction, it's just very hard to moderate, but moderation is the key.

''I'm covered in tattoos and I kind of don't do things by halves so if I'm gonna drink, I see no point in having a glass of wine. I'd rather have two bottles.

''Having a glass of wine is having something in moderation and probably isn't going to affect your day the next day. But two bottles of wine probably might make you quite sad.

''And there's only so many movies you can watch and packets of Monster Munch you can eat...

''They used to call me 'Two Dinner Teddy' because I used to order two meals and eat them.

''Then you start putting on loads of weight and start hating the way you look. But eating healthy food makes you feel great.

''A salad is not something to be scared of. I used to see a salad and be like, 'Why is that there?'''

The 29-year-old star credits his wife Cherry for helping him make changes to his lifestyle that have left him feeling better than ever.

He said: ''She eats quite healthily. So I started eating quite healthily with her. She doesn't drink that much so I wasn't drinking.''

The 'Thinking Out Loud' singer also admitted he used to spent 19 hours a day on his phone, scrolling through social media, but felt much better after ditching the apps in 2015.

Ed - who late reactivated his profiles before taking another break - said: ''Just constantly, posting, flicking, posting, flicking, and it wasn't till the tour ended in 2015 where I was like, 'I'm just gonna try and live without my phone for a bit'.

''People were texting the whole time and it just felt a lot of responsibility to either reply or meet up with them. For the first month I felt like a massive weight had been lifted.''