When 27.11.2012

'Saving Private Ryan' star Edward Burns is interviewed about his new movie 'The Fitzgerald Family Christmas' which he stars in as well as having written and directed. He discusses choosing the locations for the film and an upcoming sequel to his filmmaking debut 'The Brothers McMullen'.

When asked whether the locations for the movie were based on places he grew up in, he explains that that's how he imagined it but the house he lived in when he was younger has since been sold. 'I needed to find a place that felt like the house I grew up in', he explains. 'There were some pretty surreal moments; the final scene of the movie when the entire family is sitting down to Christmas dinner in that tiny dining room, not only am I sitting there with my filmmaking family. but I also have a flashback to actually sitting down and having dinner in that room with my family when I'm in the third grade.' On being asked whether 'The Brothers McMullen' sequel is in place yet he says, 'Still in the works, the outline is almost done, I'm finishing up the script that, if all goes well, we'll make this year and I'll jump right in to 'McMullen'.' He adds that he'd like it ready for the 20th anniversary of the first movie.


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