The Fast & Furious star reveals she and the Thor hunk love to leave their babies with nannies and enjoy a movie at Notting Hill's Electric Cinema whenever they're in London, tipping the paparazzi off to where the couple like to relax when they're not working in the U.K.

In her Elsa Pataky Confidential online blog, which she writes in English and Spanish, the 38 year old stunner writes, "Chris and I love going to this cinema, and there is always a good film on. We chat and enjoy a glass of wine together, and then we watch the film. It’s one of our few hobbies because, as some of you will know, it’s hard to keep up with your hobbies when you have kids.

"As you can imagine, Chris and I love watching films, so on Saturday we decided to go to one of our favourite cinemas in London. It’s called Electric and I wanted to tell you about it because it’s a very different and unusual way of watching films."